I have designed a Jewish learning program that would encompass both the Written Torah & the Oral Torah. The Written part of the Torah is obviously the Tanakh, the Jewish Bible, and the Oral part of the Torah is mainly the Babylonian Talmud. But since the Talmud is not conveniently accessible to everyone, on a daily basis, due to work and other responsibilities, I have chosen Maimonides’ Mishne Torah, which integrally encloses the legal aspect of the Talmud.

Tanakh is 929 chapters, Mishne Torah is 1006 chapters (the numerical value of the words משנה תורה in Hebrew). So it is possible, approximately, to learn one chapter of each book, each day. Or you can plan it however you prefer. I named the program ISH (איש). There is 4 level, Ish 4, Ish 3, Ish 2 and Ish 1, being reached when you complete for the first time both the Tanakh and the Mishne Torah.

The reason I organized it this way, is mainly due to the fact that I personally felt a lack of basic knowledge in Tanakh and overall Jewish Law. And since days are short, learning needed to be short but of quality. I would recommend learning with a partner, because verbalizing helps to remember.

Here are the charts (chart 1) (chart 2) for how the learning is designed, I modified the standard order of the Mishne Torah from most common to less common.

If you want to discuss about it, feel free to contact me, thank you.