After starting to work at the Divorce department of the Montreal Rabbinical Court (Vaad Hayir - Beth Din Tzedek) in 2014, I became interested in deepening my understanding of Marriage and Relationships in general. I took a course in 2018 to learn more about it and organize my knowledge (certificate). While I would not say that all divorces could be avoided, a significant percentage could be, if the early signs of difficulties are addressed ON TIME. More often than not, we let a little thing snowball and develop over time, until it reaches destructive proportions, irreparable ones.

Please contact us if you would be interested in facilitating communication and meaning in your own marriage. With consistency, a successful relationship requires little maintenance. But does need attention. People mostly need to find the balance between control and frustration. Meaning, being able to express ourselves enough so that we could send a clear message to our partner regarding our wishes and feelings, so not to develop frustration, but meanwhile, not becoming a tyrant and trying to gain control over the other.

Very often we tend to ignore the early warning signs, sometimes, unfortunately, for too long, until one or both of the spouses do something regrettable, and only then they seek counseling. The problem with that approach is, that we can only rarely fix a mistake, as it takes high levels of discipline and diligence from BOTH partners to fulfill such a difficult task. Usually, by that point, one of the spouse has already given up on making it work, and marriage never works if only one of the spouses wants to make it work. If the other one became disinterested, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

Therefore, coaching is a more appropriate term than therapy. As it is easier to regularly attend to the minor tensions that automatically arises with marriage and smooth it out, than it is to perform therapy on trying to fix a sad mistake that destroys on its way the sacred trust of the couple, and if trust is gone, communication is too. Why ? Because if I can’t trust you, if you lie to me, how are we going to communicate ? Every word you say is tainted with doubt. Communication is the fundamental aspect of any relationship, so without communication, no relationship can exist.

Our relationship coaching services relates also to all types of relationships, aiming to help improve assertiveness, independent thinking, confidence and personal progress.

Sessions could be arranged and done over the phone, please be in touch to discuss the many possibilities.


Here is my free worksheet that I have found very quick and efficient at tracking progress or lack thereof. If you’re going through a rough patch or simply want to check the status quo of your relationship, just print a few copies of it, do it every night with your partner for 3-4 days, and see how it goes and if it works for you ! I would also be very interested in hearing your feedback regarding your experience ! Please don’t overthink your answers, write exactly as you feel.

N.B.: I left enough space on the left side for you to punch 3 holes and store it in a binder for future reference.