Brief Safrut biography…

I was interested very early on in the powerful aspect of writing, before Bar Mitzvah even. The fact that words can hold meaning, sometimes deep, infinite meaning, is dazzling. The Jewish nation is the “People of the Book”. The Meaning is the Soul & the Word is the Body. Calligraphy is for me the ultimate form of aesthetic. Having art, shapes and meaning in the same spot is the epitome of spiritual experience on earth. Writing survives us, long after we’ve departed this world. Writing is the testimony of civilization and human History. Writing is the mark and trail we imprint and leave behind. Even today, where the spoken word became eternal as well, the written word still prevails. Torahs will always be written and read, for eternity. The Bible shaped, shapes, and will continue to shape the world. The Letters make us wiser…

My Yeshiva teacher, in 2004, noticed my interest for writing, as i was using different scripts on my tests throughout the year, from more ancient to modern ones. Being himself a Sofer (scribe), he offered the opportunity to teach me outside of teaching hours. I still stand grateful for what he taught me during the following months and years, taking off of his own free time. Who would know that it would turn out to be my present occupation and main source of living… G-d’s way are impenetrable. Thank you R. Wilhelm for that !

I kept my personal notes from when I was learning the Laws of Safrut during the year 2006, at the Yeshivah of Brunoy in France (here it is).

After getting married, I continued working in the field at an important Safrut company in Brooklyn NYC. Until we decided to move to Montreal QC, where I presently serve the community since 2012. Here is the letter of recommendation and certificate given to me by Rabbi & Dayan R. Banon שליט”א (click here) then.


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